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The beginning of the Maserati car manufacturer is with seven brothers including Carlo, Bindo, Alfieri, Mario, Ettore, and Ernesto. One other brother named Alfieri died shortly after birth and the name was given to the next son born. Each one of these brothers aided in the success of their name in the automobile industry.

Carlo was the first of the brothers to create a car, which was a single cylinder engine with a simple chassis. Alfieri established Officine Alfieri Maserati in 1914, thus the true beginning of Maserati automobile manufacturers.

Alfieri, Bindo, and Ernesto built the 2-litre Grand Prix cars for Diatto; however, in 1926 Diatto stopped the production of race cars. This led the Maserati brothers into creating the first Maserati and the founding of their company on April 25, 1926. Also during this year, Alfieri won the Targa Florio driving one of the first Maseratis. The trident symbol credit is given to Mario, who is believed to be based on of Bologna’s civic symbols, the statue of Neptune.

Alfieri Maserati passed away in 1932; however, three of the brothers keep the company alive, which included Bindo, Ettore, and Ernesto, by building and racing cars.

In 1937, the Maserati brothers sold their shares of the company to the Orsi family. The brothers took on engineering roles. The Orsi family moved the headquarters of the company to Modena in 1940. During this same year, Maserati won the Indianapolis 500 and again in 1941.

War hit this automobile manufacture much like it did others and production was ceased to produce items for the war effort. However, Maserati was in competition to build a V16 towncar for Beninto Mussolini before Ferry Porsche from Volkswagen could build one for Adolf Hitler.

Finally, after 1957, Maserati turned more toward road cars. At this time the chief engineer, Giulio Alfieri built the Maserati 3500 2+2 coupe with a 6-cylinder engine.

Fiat took over ownership of Maserati in 1993. Not much was seen in the way of new Maseratis until 1999 when the new 3200 GT was launched which was the only Fiat Maserati ever created.

In 1997, Ferrari purchased 50% of the Maserati shares and by 1999 had full control. Ferrari added the Maserati to its luxury division.

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