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Lincoln is another name often associated with the Ford Motor Company; however, this was not the way in which Lincoln got its start. Lincoln was founded by Henry M. Leland in 1917. You may recognize the name, Leland, as one of the founders of Cadillac. He was one of the founders; however, he left the Cadillac division of General Motors at the time of World War I. After he left General Motors, he established the Lincoln Motor Company. During World War I, the Lincoln Motor company built Liberty aircraft engines. After, the war, Leland refurbished the factory to begin creating luxury automobiles.

The problem is that Lincoln Motor Company had financial troubles when trying to refurbish, thus the Ford Motor Company stepped in sometime during 1922 and purchased the Lincoln Motor Company, thus the reason everyone associates Lincoln with Ford. Ford had been forced out of his second company, which was led by Leland so this purchase was a great success to Ford. The original company that Ford formed would later be named Cadillac and was the top competitor for Lincoln. Shortly after the purchase, the leading luxury cars were Lincoln, Cadillac, and Duesenberg.

Lincoln unveiled the KB V12 for competition with the Ford V8 Model 18 min 1932; however, sales were not very good. The turn around for Lincoln was with the genius of Eugene T. Gregorie that created the design for the Continental in the same year. This became one of the most popular and important Lincolns created by the Ford Motor Company. Edsel Ford worked with Gregorie on this design, not for the general public but for himself so he could have a European style car different from his father’s boxy type styles to drive around Florida while on vacation.

The Zephyr was unveiled in 1936 and had a sporty look, which featured a 1.8-liter V12. The Zephyr had such great reviews that it became its own brand name instead of just a model. The first year it was sold, Lincoln sales increased by nine-fold. The Zephyr’s production ceased in 1942 as the Ford Motor Company began working more for the war effort.

Today, you can find such models available as Lincoln Mark LT, Lincoln MKS, Lincoln MKX, Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln Navigator, and the Lincoln Town Car.

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